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Choosing a Pressure-washing Service for Your Rugs

Looking for a rug pressure washing company? Perhaps you have an oriental or silk rug. Have you tried having them cleaned, only to get them back with the same dirty areas? How much do you know about rug pressure wash cleaning, and whom must you trust?

The following tips can bring you to your best choice:

1. Research and pore over reviews.

Search the web, call your mom or your friends. Ask them who pressure washes their rugs and if they would recommend that company to you. Remember, it's not only about the rug; it's a matter of health for your entire household. Find out some absolute detail here.

2. Know your rug to know which cleaning service is right for it.

Area rugs can be either machine-made or handmade. Handmade rugs are typically expensive and may be made using synthetic or natural dyes. Depending on the country it came from, the weaving method used, the quality of the wool, the complexity of the design, and the number of knots for every square inch, pressure washing a rug requires a unique process. You have to be clear about the type of rug from this website you have, and find the right pro to take care of it.

3. Select Pick a "green" provider.

Rugs or carpets are like air filters. They capture dirt, dust, bacteria, pollen, bio-aerosols and all types of pollutants they have exposure to. It's important to have your rug pressure-washed at least once a year to improve indoor air quality, as well as control the risk of asthma and other allergies. Choose a company that makes use of green cleaning detergents while pressure washing. When harmful chemicals are used, your rugs can easily because health hazards to y our children and pets.

4. Go through the websites of your potential rug pressure-washing cleaners.

Most trusted pressure-washing rug cleaners have a website of their own, a video where they show how they work, and even testimonials from their previous clients. Rug vendors themselves use rug pressure washers, and they are usually glad to make recommendations.

5. Study the cost.

Prices are typically according to square feet. Fine quality rugs - think antiques, silks, etc. - require more care and expertise, so they will of course cost more..

6. Know if they also do repairs when needed.

Your rug's foundation can be damaged by an unraveled fringe, making repair more expensive. Find a pressure wash rug cleaner that has repair and restoration specialists in their staff. Rugs have to be be cleaned first before being repaired. Sometimes, the rug is held together by temporary stitches to stop further unraveling in a weak area before the repair.

7. When possible, make a personal visit to the shop.

It's always best to see where and how your rugs end up pressure-washed. Ask them if you can drop-off and pick up your rug. You will probably get a discount for this. Remember, not just because they have the materials and space to clean rugs doesn't mean they are reliable experts.